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Agency Treasury Services

Our unique, consultative approach to treasury management understands that every client has different goals and needs when it comes to managing their total risk exposures, working capital and liquidity requirements. As an independent organization our Agency Treasury Services (ATS) are tailored to your specific situation and afford us the freedom to give completely impartial, unbiased and professional advice.

Managed FX & Hedging

We provide an outsourced treasury FX management service that offers bespoke, proactive and dynamic advice and solutions geared to reducing costs, inefficiencies and risks in your FX operations. We operate within your existing parameters and preferred banking arrangements to keep the process as streamlined and effortless as possible and importantly, you are in control of your cash at all times!

FX Policy & TCA

Our FX Policy solutions create organized, well-planned policies and procedures manuals for the continuity of your FX operations, keeping it easy to effectively manage and understand. TCA is an in-depth and detailed analysis of your past FX transactions using independent FX prices to discover opportunities to reduce costs and evaluate your FX counterparties' performance and honesty.

Together, we can enable your business to achieve even more.

Canadian companies are well aware of FX risk and that FX fluctuations can sharply reduce their profit margins but they struggle with clearly identifying their FX exposures and FX losses. Proper FX risk management can be a demanding and complex undertaking, so too many companies avoid it feeling the complexity, lack of information and resources make managing this risk too expensive, and that FX losses be written off as the cost of doing business. We will work together with you to help you understand your foreign exchange exposures by analyzing the nature, timing and quantity of these payments, which can have both accounting and cash flow implications. Our goal is to protect your profit margins and reduce your costs while striving to increase the profitability of your foreign exchange translations.

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Competent Professionals

Our FX Treasury Specialists are well seasoned veterans of the currency markets with the commensurate knowledge, skills and experience across a broad suite of FX products / services to expertly assist you whatever your goals and needs may be. Whether it's a simple spot deal or a comprehensive analysis of your business to build out a complete FX Policy with accompanying currency management, execution, measurement and review, we have your back.

Superior Service

We are committed to providing clients with the best value and service in the industry. We take the time and effort to learn and understand your business's specific situation to create a customized service plan to meet your objectives. Our success is linked with that of our clients, so expect the exceptional with us.

Competitive Pricing

Straightforward, transparent pricing structure and broker/bank neutral ensuring conflict free service to benefit YOU! Bastion Currency Management will earn your trust and you will always know exactly what you are getting and paying for when dealing with us: Integrity, Honesty, Transparency and Trust!

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