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Many companies are barely aware they have a Treasury as it is often folded up into Accounting, and those with a formalized Treasury tend to treat it more as an extension of accounting because typically their Treasurer is an accountant. The truth is that Treasury is not accounting, though there is some modest crossover, and arguably it shouldn't be run by an accountant; the same goes for accounting being run by a Treasurer, who is not an accountant! In general, a Treasurer manages a company’s liquidity—optimizing cash flows based on business objectives, and seeks to mitigate its financial and operational risk. In contrast, an Accountant prepares lawful, efficient and compliant financial statements that present the most accurate view of the company's financial health, so its stewards (C-suite) can make informed operational and strategic decisions.

Treasury management is an extension of cash management in both time horizon and sophistication of activities, but unlike the latter, being more operational and short-term focused, Treasury is longer-term and strategic. Our Treasury Services encompass all aspects of Treasury helping wed short-term needs to long-term strategy. Since our main operation is supporting the needs of SMEs, we tend to focus on risk management—notably FXRM, as it is often the most pressing financial concern, or the most bang for the buck (no pun intended), followed by interest rate risk and then commodity risk.

The major financial risks that we help SMEs manage are:

  • 1) Price risk (i.e. foreign exchange, interest rate, commodity, etc.)
  • 2) Operational risk (i.e. treasury processes, payments, etc.)
  • 3) Liquidity risk (i.e. availability of funds)
  • 4) Credit risk (i.e. financial loss)

More specifically, our services and solutions tend to focus on certain subsets of the above primary financial risks:

  • 1) Risk Management (foreign exchange risk management, interest rate risk management, transaction cost analysis, and deal execution);
  • 2) Cash and Liquidity Management (cash forecasting, working capital management, and investing excess funds);
  • 3) Financing (debt, equity and investment management).
  • 4) Administration (processing, reporting and management of transactions).

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What are the benefits you will realize from partnering with us to strategically enhance your Treasury operations?

  • Cost Reduction: installing a cost-effective, professional treasury with all necessary systems can be difficult. Most SMEs treasury functions cannot justify the level of resources required to provide a best practice treasury operation hence being rolled up into the CFOs or Accountant's responsibilities. BCM's calculations put a basic, one person (entry-level) treasury at $80,116.33/yr. A professional, one person (senior level) treasury similar to our set up at $297,806.66/yr vs BCM's average service fee of $18,000. Unsurprisingly, retaining our expertise to optimize your treasury functions is up to 15 times cheaper, than trying to build an in-house treasury!
  • Increased Transparency: we work explicitly for you as your agent, and as such everything we do on your behalf is for your benefit and is disclosed to you through our robust reporting and unparalleled customer service.
  • Technology Sourcing & Implementation: avoid the expensive investment in technology and infrastructure by letting us offer you our in-house solution, or help with sourcing an external TMS that suits your needs. Current TMS solutions on the market usually require a significant cost and effort to retain the technology and expertise tneeded to maintain and operate the platform. Our expertise in treasury software will help you avoid choosing a costly solution that doesn't match your needs.
  • Flexibility: our expertise ensures your company will gain valuable flexibility in pricing competitiveness, enhancing your ability to react to the unknown with smoothness and confidence.
  • On-demand Expertise: for SMEs, attracting and retaining expert, professional staff can be costly and problematic.
  • Renewed Business Focus: improved company focus by re-allocating internal resources to core activities.
  • Access to Market Knowledge: BCM, as an active market participant, is closer to the market meaning you benefit from us having a much clearer appreciation of pricing and the current trends.
  • Risk Reduction: markets, competition, government regulations, financial conditions and technologies all change extremely quickly, and exposure to our experts enables the sharing of these risks with us.
  • Best Practices Application: decrease in operation risks & burdens as our Treasury experts are trained to locate disparate financial functions and redundancies, and through implementation of best practices get everyone rowing in the same direction.
  • Economies of Scale: instantly acquire skills and expertise not available internally with access to world class capabilities and services, without the need to build from the bottom up and as such, little to no upfront costs.
  • Speed: quickly scale your existing treasury when entering into international markets, and avoid large expenses to expand current capabilities.

At Bastion Currency Management we play to our strengths and experience by providing Small & Medium Enterprises (SME) the affordability, and flexibility they need to uplift their financial operations by benefiting from professional Treasury Management Services.

Services Overview

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of Currency & Risk Management Services designed to meet the challenges businesses face with growing international trade.

Corporate Treasury Solutions

We are dedicated treasury and financial risk management professionals, and we recognize each company has various challenges and complexities based on their size; there's no universal solution. Our bespoke Treasury solutions offer you choice, and work within your existiing framework by offering only targeted solutions aimed at helping you manage liquidity, while mitigating financial and operational risk, that can be quickly, and easily implemented at any level of Treasury sophistication.

Bespoke Hedging Solutions

To hedge or not to hedge is a dilemma many SMEs face, and very seldom answer successfully. Through an effectiveness review, we determine what financial risks are actually vital to manage because managing risks to the furtherance of your business objectives is, contrary to what many erroneously believe, not remotely related to "locking in a good rate" or "reducing variability of cash flows" even though both might be 'nice' to do. A litmus test that you can do right now to see if a conversation with one of our Treasury Specialists would be worthwhile is to ask yourself, "How does an x% change in a market price (i.e., exchange rate, interest rate, commodity price) affect my profit margin?" Simple question, not so simple answer .

Advisory, Treasury Policy & TCA

Pay-as-You-Go advisory services that can be scaled up or down to fit the size of your problem. Treasury Policy development to define your company's response to its unique array of financial exposures. Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) is an audit of your FX deals using independent FX prices. We compare the results with the agreed upon spread from your FX provider to determine hidden costs from the variance in rates.

Experience Significant Cost Savings with the Shared Use of Expert Human Resources

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